Visions Studio/Jeff DeRienzo | Charlotte, NC & Syracuse, NY


Couldn’t have been happier!

My husband knew how important the wedding pictures were to me, so he agreed to allow me to select our wedding photographer. There was never a doubt in my mind who I wanted. Jeff was simply AMAZING! He was beyond calming and professional. He captured every single picture I wanted and the ones I never knew I couldn’t live without. This day was beyond emotional for me and every aspect of that emotion is captured beautifully in the pictures. I couldn’t imagine having a special occasion shot by anyone else. Trying to coordinate 16 people is no easy task and he accomplished it with such ease. He was able to get the standard wedding pics and some fantastic ones I couldn’t have ever imagined would work. We laughed and goofed off and it was a great experience. I was so happy because all the other weddings I had been in, the formal picture taking process was such a drag. Not with Jeff. It was quick and fun! The turnaround time was fantastic. Just when all the wedding glory starts to fad and you’re longing to wear your dress again…your pictures are online and you can relive the whole day. I LOVE what Jeff was able to do for our wedding. I can’t wait for another chance to have our pictures done again!


There are so many key elements that go into planning your big day and sometimes it may seem overwhelming. And trust me, the day will fly by so quickly. So when all is said and done having those photos to reflect on are so important! Jeff was extremely professional and prompt and fun to work with. He captured mine and my husbands personality in our photos as well as our guests! I’ve gone to some weddings where the photographers will make you “pose” for the funny moments, but Jeff captured all of this while you are enjoying your time with your guests! To the first married kiss to the final toast and the bouquet toss, he makes sure he gets all the key shots and important moments from your wedding! There were so many great photos from our wedding and I couldn’t of been happier. We have had so many compliments on our wedding photos. Picking the right photographer for my wedding was the most important to me because these pictures are what I will have to show our kids someday. What our wedding was like and how special and fun it was. Thanks to Jeff at Visions Studios. I will always have that!

Lifetime Memories

I am a very detail oriented person, so when it came to planning my wedding I wanted everything to be perfect. One of the most important things to me was picking the best photographer. I met with dozens of photographers. But I just didn’t’ feel that excitement, until I came across Jeff. He is truly an amazing person! Jeff captured my special day in such a way it’s like reliving the day over and over again. I never expected to have a such a calming experience. Jeff takes any worry or nervousness you have away with his patience and easy way. He is truly an artist and is able to capture all your memories beyond expectations. Jeff photographed my wedding 7 years ago and has become an important part of our lives. We continue to count on him to capture all our lives important memories including the last two years of our son’s life. Working with Jeff will be one of the easiest decisions you make for planning your wedding.